Dental Crowns in Rockaway, NJ

We provide quality dental crowns and bridges in Rockaway, NJ.

At West Main Complete Dentistry, we have plenty of ways to enhance and restore your smile, no matter what dental problem you're suffering from.

If a tooth is too severely damaged or decayed for treatment with a filling, we may recommend a dental crown to restore and preserve the tooth. A dental crown is a cap that fits right over the tooth to replace the lost structure and restore functionality. The best candidates for dental crowns are people who have experienced severe tooth damage or decay.

Dental crowns also work beautifully with dental bridges to restore your smile if you have a missing tooth or teeth.

At West Main Complete Dentistry, your dentist in Denville wants you to have a full comfortable smile that lasts a lifetime.

If you have a weak or fractured tooth, or if you have missing teeth, contact our dental team to schedule an exam and chat with your gentle dentists.

Meanwhile, read on to learn more about crowns and bridges.

Updated Materials, Beautiful Results

Patients smiling with dental crowns in Rockaway NJThere are several materials used to make dental crowns, but porcelain is typically the most realistic in appearance. Porcelain crowns match the color of your natural teeth, meaning that they'll blend seamlessly with your smile.

Dental crowns don't just protect teeth from further damage; they can be used to reshape, realign, or whiten a tooth, adding to a bright, healthy smile. Dr. Stephen Kao uses dental crowns to: 

  • Support a tooth that has extensive decay
  • Protect a broken tooth
  • Improve the aesthetics of a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • Protect a tooth following root canal treatment 
  • Restore a dental implant
  • Stabilize a dental bridge

If I Have Root Canal Therapy, Will I Need a Dental Crown?

If you need a root canal treatment, it means you have a root infection or trauma to your tooth.

Your dentist in Rockaway gently numbs the area and removes the infected root and pulp of that tooth. We then place a healing agent and temporary filling.

After a few weeks, you return to our dental office for a permanent filling or a dental crown. Your dentist might choose the crown if the infection or root canal treatment rendered your tooth vulnerable to breakage.

A tooth crown creates a decent buffer between your bite and your weakened tooth. This helps prevent tooth loss due to fracture.

If you notice signs of a root infection, it is important to contact our dental clinic as soon as possible. The sooner we treat with a root canal treatment and crown, the more likely you are to keep your tooth and avoid extraction.

Signs of root infection may include:

  • Toothache or increased tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • A bump or blister on the gum near the painful area

Placing a Dental Crown at Our Rockaway OfficeDiagram of how a dental implant works in Rockaway NJ

Having a crown placed usually takes two visits. During the first visit, we'll take digital x-rays of your teeth so we can determine if there are any underlying problems we need to address before crown application.

Depending on the condition of the damaged tooth, Dr. Kao will either build up or file down the tooth so that the crown can be put into place. We'll numb the tooth before we begin so that the entire process is painless and comfortable. 
Next, we'll take the impressions that we'll use to create an impression of the tooth. We send this impression to a local dental lab where skilled technicians design the crown to our exact specifications. Before you leave our office, we fit you with a temporary crown to wear for about two weeks while the final crown is made.  
When your new crown is ready, we'll have you come back to the office. We'll remove the temporary and adjust the new crown, so it fits perfectly. Once we're happy with the fit, shade, and contour of the crown, we'll cement it securely in place. 

How a Dental Bridge Works

A dental bridge is a restoration tooth or teeth suspended between dental crowns. The dental crowns cap adjacent teeth, allowing the restoring teeth to fill in your smile gap.

Your dental bridge is attached, and only your dentist can remove it. This is one of the tooth replacement options we offer in our Rockaway dental office.

How a Dental Bridge Is Different from a Partial Denture

A partial denture is similar to a dental bridge, but there are key differences as well.

A partial denture stands in for sporadic tooth loss. The plate of restoration teeth fits around your remaining teeth and relies on them (along with clips) for support. You can remove partial dentures for cleaning and during sleep.

A dental bridge stands in for a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. It is secured to adjacent teeth with dental crowns or a dental implant. Only your dentist can remove a dental bridge.

Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums, take x-rays if no recent films are on file, and recommend the best option for you based on findings, your budget, and your smile goals. In some cases, a partial denture may be ideal if you have sporadic tooth loss, but a dental bridge could be the best choice if you have a single missing tooth or two missing teeth in a row.

Diagram of how a dental bridge works in Rockaway NJHow to Care for Crowns and Bridges

Fortunately, dental crowns do not require extra maintenance. You simply brush and floss your teeth as usual and visit your dentist twice yearly for dental exams and teeth cleanings.

A dental bridge requires a small toothbrush and threader to clear bacteria away from the gumline. However, this is a simple process that adds little time to your brushing and flossing routine.

As with natural teeth, you should never use your crown or dental bridge as a tool to open a bottle or other unintended purposes.

Remember, restorations like crowns and bridges cannot decay, but you must visit your dentist regularly to prevent cavities on remaining teeth, gum infections, and periodontal disease—all of which can cause your crowns or bridge to fail.

Learn More about Crowns and Bridges in Rockaway NJ

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