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Why do I need to replace a tooth?

Tooth Replacement in Rockaway NJReplacing your tooth is certainly not one hundred percent mandatory. It is a choice. But there is a long list of reason why you should consider replacing your tooth.

Eat More Comfortably

Each of your teeth has an important job, and your remaining teeth will be in better shape when you’re not relying on them to do the job of the missing tooth.

Your Smile Will Look Better!

Depending on the location of your missing tooth, that gap can be pretty obvious. Replacing the tooth will restore your confidence and allow you to smile without embarrassment.

Your Overall Dental Health Will Improve!

Over time, your teeth will start to shift, and this can put the stability of all your teeth in jeopardy. To avoid this movement, it is best to have your missing tooth replaced.

Once you've decided to replace your tooth, you have several things to consider. What type of tooth replacement is right for you? Do you want something permanent? How much time and money can you spend on your tooth?

We’d like to help you find the decision about tooth replacement that makes sense for you. Please call West Main Complete Dentistry to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss your needs. 

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