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Are dental implants right for me?

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Dental implants are a favorable treatment option for many patients who are missing a natural tooth. Because dental implants are made from high-quality materials and are anchored directly into the jawbone, they typically have a long lifespan and are the preferred restorative dental treatment for the majority of patients.

If you are missing at least one tooth, are in good overall health, and are willing to maintain strong oral hygiene habits, you are likely a candidate for dental implants.

The best way to know if implants are truly the best option for your smile is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephen Kao, our Rockaway, NJ family dentist. Dr. Kao can evaluate your mouth and explain all of the different treatment options to you. Dental implants are a great option for many patients but are not right in every situation.

Dental implants take several months to place from start to finish, and they require adequate time to heal and for the jawbone to begin growing around the titanium implant post. Once implants have been fully accepted by the mouth; however, they are able to function and look just like natural teeth. A well-placed and well-cared-for dental implant can last for years to come.

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