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What can you do to prevent my dentures from slipping?

Dentures in Rockaway NJ Your Confidence is Our Priority

It’s very common to be concerned about this problem, but we do have options that will stabilize your new dentures. The team at our Rockaway dental office understands that having a sense of security about your dentures is important to your self confidence. There is nothing worse than being embarrassed by slipping dentures when you’re in the middle of a meal with family or friends!

Advances in Technology

Advances in dental technology have not only improved the appearance of modern dentures but contributed to their stability as well. Today’s dentures allow for a snug fit that is a vast improvement over dentures made years ago.

In the past, the only option denture wearers had for stabilizing dentures was messy adhesive gels that were not very effective. Dental implants are a very effective treatment option that helps secure both full and partial dentures.

Implants work so well because, over time, they fuse securely with surrounding tissue and bone in the jaw. Dr. Kao works closely with our lab to design dentures that can be attached to the implants, keeping the dentures securely in place without worries about slipping and shifting.

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