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Root Canal Myths & Truths

December 19, 2019
Posted By: West Main Complete Dentistry Staff
Girl Receiving root canal | Rockaway, NJ Dentist

Unless you’ve had root canal treatment on a tooth before, you may not know a lot about root canals. Root canals, unfortunately, have a bad reputation, and many “facts” about root canals are actually big misconceptions. 

Below, we discuss three common root canal myths—and set the record straight with the truths behind them.

Myth #1: A Root Canal Is One of the Most Painful Procedures Out There 

Many people mistakenly believe that root canals are painful. Except for in the rarest of cases, this myth is not true. Root canals become necessary when a tooth is infected, and a patient is already in severe pain. The root canal treatment is what relieves the pain, not what causes it! If your tooth is infected, a root canal will leave you feeling much better than before. 

Myth #2: Root Canal Fillings Are Worse for You Than Regular Fillings

Root canal fillings are quite similar to regular fillings. Before your dentist begins your root canal treatment, you will receive an anesthetic to numb the area much as you would with a routine filling. Traditional cavities are usually smaller and more shallow than root canal treatments, as root canals involve the pulp deeper in the tooth. Root canals, however, are perfectly safe and are no worse for your tooth than a regular filling.

Myth #3: Most Root Canals Are Not Necessary

Root canals are undoubtedly an involved procedure. Dentists typically turn to root canals as one of the last resorts to save a tooth that would otherwise need extracting.

Before performing a root canal, your dentist will explore and exhaust other possible treatment options. If our Rockaway dentist believes you need a root canal treatment, there is a good reason for it. Most root canals are entirely necessary, and they can be a tooth’s last chance at staying in your smile. 

Schedule a Root Canal in Rockaway

If you need a root canal in Rockaway, NJ, there is no need to fear. Root canals are routine procedures designed to protect smiles and save teeth. To schedule your root canal treatment, call us at (973) 627-7810 today or schedule an appointment online!

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